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Grouse Along The Ridge Roads

Craig Kulchak’s latest book, Grouse Along The Ridge Roads is the most recent installment in Craig’s series of upland hunting adventures that he has so eloquently put into words for us all to enjoy. Grouse Along The Ridge Roads is the fourth in a series of books detailing his experiences gunning upland birds behind his Ryman-type setters in the scenic mountains of central Idaho. This book, like his previous works The Creeks, My Mountain Grouse, and Roosters At The Fort, takes stories from his gunning journals and transports the reader though high mountain passes in search of blue, ruffed and the Franklin’s grouse. If you have read his previous books you will most certainly recognize some of the characters from his other works. His sons Nate, Matt, and Kip are ever present in the series, as well as his English setters, Anneca, Beth, Briar, Bramble and Tweed, but this book will introduce you to several new characters as well. However, the one constant in the series is Craig’s ability to write in a way that enables you to feel that you are not just a reader, but also an actual participant in the hunt. With his writing style you see the wild mountain vistas, smell the fragrance of the forest in Fall. You feel the burn in your legs and lungs as you journey with him, laboring up the grade of the mountain to reach one of his staunch setters pointing confidently near the edge of aspen. You stand alongside him as he pauses to take in the beauty of his surroundings and consider just how lucky he truly is, before walking into the chaos of the flush.  Writing like that is rare these days, and Craig’s writing does a fantastic job of evoking the emotions we all experience when gunning behind our dogs. His ability to make you feel like you are there is a special gift. Couple this with his wonderful GBE-reminiscent hand drawn ink sketches, and black and white photography, you have the workings of a wonderful evening in front of the fire. This is a must addition to anyone’s upland library. To order, go to Online Store


Josh Houchin


November 2015


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Great stories, Passion, Honesty, is a hard thing to find these days, Conservation as well but I could get all that from Craig Kulchak's book Grouse Along the Ridge roads. The passion runs strong with Craig and his writings.I just finished reading "Grouse along the Ridge roads". Thank You Craig Kulchak for sharing these Wonderful memories with the rest of the world...

Douglas B. Egenolf

Grouse Along The Ridge Roads is very fine read, Craig Kulchak is a fine author.

Gary Hiltner

Craig Kulchak's book "Grouse Along The Ridge Roads" found its way to my doorstep this evening after a long day at work... Thoughtfully inscribed in a way that only a dedicated mountain grouse hunter could... I devoutly recommend this book! Having spent thousands of hours in the mountains of Northwest Montana in pursuit of three rugged & resilient species of grouse ...the Blue,Franklins & Ruffed ...the book encapsulates the fullness of an experience that only a mountain grouse hunter with firsthand knowledge could ...

Matthew Richard Fried Knight


Craig Kulchak has penned a perfect companion for those winter evenings ahead by the fire, dogs at your feet and memory bank open for deposits.

Walter H. Bruning, PHD

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